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– Fishing as a passion and a profession

Sisu Fishing offers fishing activity services for anglers of all skill levels, provided by professionals. Our goal is to use our experience and skills to provide successful fishing trips to varying locations throughout the year. Whether you want to organize a recreational fishing tour for your colleagues or find new challenges for your fishing buddies, we can provide the best tips, advice, and fishing grounds to fit your needs.

Our operation is based on extensive experience of fishing as a hobby and a versatile history of various fishing styles and waters. To us, fishing is not just a hobby, but also a passion and a way of life. We base our operation on the fishing opportunities that are constantly changing throughout the year and spend as much time on the water as possible. We believe that no angler has learned everything or seen it all. Each day is an opportunity to learn something new and find new ways to challenge ourselves. We are still passionate about fishing and thus we want to spread the enthusiasm and skill that is related to fishing in our wonderful natural waters.

In addition to the long-held interest, the professionalism of our operations is also ensured by vocational qualifications. We require all fishing guides we cooperate with to hold a vocational qualification in fishing guidance to ensure that the quality of our service remains high. The use of competent fishing guides ensures good catches and safe movement on the water in any condition. A fishing guide that knows the waters also has the best knowledge of where and how to fish at each time and is able to ensure the safety and enjoyment of their group whether on the water or the ice.

In addition to enthusiasm and training, we also have extensive experience of customer service, which is evident throughout our operation as a customer-oriented approach and commitment to good service in any situation. We are happy to develop our operation based on the feedback we receive from our customers, and we aim, as a matter of principle, to accommodate all fishing-related requests from our customers. Our work is supported by reliable partners throughout Finland:

Our qualifications include:

  • Vocational Qualification in Fishing Guidance
  • Qualification as a charter boat captain
  • Hygiene passport
  • First aid certification EA1
  • License issued by an ELY center to organize fishing tours


Working together for nature and sustainable fishing

We aim to follow the principles of sustainable fishing within all our operations. We also take note of the environmental perspectives within our operations and while on the water. The Finnish fishing waters and our magnificent nature are close to our hearts, and in our operation, we want to contribute to preserving and protecting them for future generations. We also take the environmental and domestic perspectives into consideration in terms of the meals provided during our fishing, training, and touring activities. We use as much locally sourced food as possible and also utilize the fresh fish caught on our fishing trips where possible.



Customer service

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