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Contract terms

Booking, purchasing, and cancellation policy of Sisu Fishing Oy.

Booking/purchasing a tour

Tours are booked/purchased through the Sisu Fishing shop online service, email, telephone, or by another similar method. During the booking of a tour, the number participants as well as their ages must be specified.

A booking/purchase is considered is considered to exist once the customer has confirmed their purchase by telephone or email, by booking a tour in the online store, or by some other method.  

At the time of purchase, one third of the price of the service is charged as a reservation fee, unless otherwise agreed or the entire price is paid in full at the time. This applies to tours booked within less than 30 days, for example, except where otherwise agreed. The rest of the purchase price must be paid within 14 days of the tour, unless otherwise agreed.

Canceling or rescheduling a tour

The customer may cancel their order, if there are more than 30 days remaining before the scheduled tour. If the booking/purchase has resulted in costs to the provider of the service, they can be charged from the purchaser. If a booking is cancelled within 30–14 days of the scheduled trip, the cancellation is subject to a cancellation fee of €150 + VAT, if the collected reservation fee has not exceeded €150 + VAT. Any payment in excess of €150 + VAT will be returned to the purchaser.

If a booking is cancelled 14–7 days before the scheduled tour, the purchaser will be charged one half of the entire purchase price, or a minimum amount of €150 + VAT. If a booking is cancelled less than 7 days before the tour, the entire purchase price will be charged. The same applies to any additional services purchased.

If Sisu Fishing Oy is forced to cancel a tour due to unforeseeable reasons, payments will not be refunded. In such case, we will primarily attempt to resolve the situation by negotiating with the customer on rescheduling the tour, for example.

If Sisu Fishing Oy is forced to cancel a tour due to some other reason than force majeure, the reservation fee will be refunded in total.  We will, however, primarily aim to remedy the situation by offering to reschedule the tour.

Any additional costs based on invoicing/payment type will be charged in accordance with the current price list at each time.



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