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Pike and pearch fishing in lake Musta Mäntyjärvi

360,00 €

Musta Mäntyjärvi is located in the outskirts of Lieksa, next to Patvinsuo National Park. The lake is especially a pike and perch fishing destination. The destination is suitable for those seeking peace and quiet of nature, the use of the engine on the lake is prohibited and fishing is done with muscle power, fishing from the beach, canoes, boats, fishing kayaks or floating rings. The large fish in the lake are protected to the maximum extent. The upper dimension of the pike is 75 centimeters and that of the perch 30 cm. Fish that have reached these dimensions are allowed to continue to grow in peace, without fear of being caught by fishermen.

Musta Mäntyjärvi needs its own fishing permit, which is part of our fishing packages. A maximum of 16 permits / day are sold to the lake. The lake can also be rented entirely for your own use, in which case the number of people is not limited. In the accommodation facility there is camp, where you can find out house toilet, place to eat, fireplace. Accommodation by the lake is possible in tents or by car in the cottages / hostels near the area. Fishing kayaks and floating rings can also be rented from the property.


The destination is managed by our partner, Fishing Trips in Joensuu



Day trip, duration about 10 h.

Timing: To be implemented on request

Price includes transport, fishing permits, kayak, canoe or rowing boat rental

Minimum group size 2 people

Max group size 8 people

We also arrange longer trips to Musta Mäntyjärvi by appointment

Price 180 € / person




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