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Zander and Pearch jiging at lake Viinijärvi

490,00 €

Come with us on an unforgettable fishing trip with a fishing guide. This trip will focus on the secrets of jig fishing on fishy Lake Viinijärvi in ​​eastern Finland. The characteristics of Viinijärvi include large perch, as well as Zander. During the day, you will learn the basics of jiging and get acquainted with where the prey fish are hiding at that time. When an active flock of perch hits, fishing is at its best. Zander´s hit are something that goes unnoticed and make even a more experienced fisherman get excited over and over again.

Duration: about 7 hours

Number of participants: 1-4 people, larger groups with several boats, priced on a case by case basis.

Service content: guide services, equipment, boat use, life jackets, insurance.

Additional services at extra cost: transportation, nature dining, boat lunch, fish management fee





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